Net red food heat and danger coexist, food rumors can be credible only through visual inspection

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In the integration of "top ten hot words in the food industry in 2017" released by a website, the author briefly described the top two in crisis public relations and flight inspection in his previous article. This time, this article will continue to explain to three or four people to see how the two hot spots of food are reflected in the industry and how manufacturers and manufacturers should solve relevant problems.

Looking at the double-sided nature of net red food

The word "online red food" was voted the third hot spot by netizens, accounting for 52%. When it comes to online red food, countless pictures have passed through my mind, such as dirty bags, happy tea, a cage of small food, and master Bao, who has been popular recently. For the online red food, according to the relevant news materials consulted by the author, most of the online red food have large or small problems in the later operation, resulting in closure, reduction of stores and other results. However, there are also red "very stable" online Red foods, such as dirty bags.

Dirty bag is a kind of baked bread. The reason why it is red is that it will be "dirty" on your face and hands. From the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, many stars aired pictures of eating dirty bags on microblogging and other platforms. The author was also ready to move at that time. What is the key to making dirty bags "dirty"? It's the layer of cocoa powder on the surface. Baking people must be familiar with cocoa powder. It is a food made of cocoa beans after fermentation, peeling and crushing. It is generally used in the production of chocolate, pastry, ice cream and other foods. If cocoa powder is not delicate, it is difficult to create the effect that dirty bags are easy to be "dirty", and the degree of fineness is closely related to the crushing process. This requires that the pulverizer can be made into ultra-fine powder that meets the market demand, so there are higher requirements for the production level of manufacturing enterprises.

After talking about the net red food that can continue to be red, such as dirty bags, those red and dangerous products have to be said. Take master Bao, who is very popular recently. Such a pastry shop from Beijing became popular overnight, but it was followed by a large number of copycat counterfeiting. It is understood that master Bao has only 26 stores in China, but there are more than 200 "master Bao" in Beijing, which is a great harm to authentic brands. At present, master Bao has begun to protect brand rights. The main reason why so many businesses ignore laws and regulations and wantonly carry out brand infringement is that the illegal cost of Chinese brands is low and the cost of safeguarding rights is high, which makes bad businesses have cracks to drill, while authentic brands lose more. From this point of view, the state should strengthen the punishment in terms of brand violations, so as to provide a good environment for the healthy and rapid development of the industry. Enterprises should insist on safeguarding their rights and let fake goods have nowhere to hide.

Objective verification of food rumors

Food rumors should be well deserved to be on the top of popular words. Food rumors also appeared at the March 15 party some time ago. Watermelon and grape white cream are pesticides, plastic laver, table tennis eggs A series of food rumors have been cracked one by one by experts and various advanced testing instruments and equipment.

Recently, strawberries began to appear frequently in the public view, but rumors about strawberries began to spread on the Internet. The author searched on a search platform and found such a food rumor that the water turned red when washing strawberries. It is speculated that they were dyed. In fact, strawberries contain a lot of water-soluble anthocyanins, and strawberries themselves are very delicate and easy to be damaged during cleaning, so anthocyanins are also very easy to dissolve into water, resulting in the so-called "fading" phenomenon. Therefore, the redness of water in washing strawberries has nothing to do with dyeing. It can be seen from the explanation of this rumor that strawberries are very vulnerable to collision and damage, and have high requirements for transportation and packaging. In addition, perishable fruits such as strawberries are also very sensitive to temperature, and the accurate control of temperature during transportation can not be ignored.

It is reported that the transportation of strawberries is mainly road and air transportation. In order to ensure their freshness, cold chain logistics equipment such as refrigerated trucks and refrigerators are used to control them. In addition to various equipment during transportation, enterprises also apply some preservation technologies, such as low-temperature preservation, modified atmosphere preservation and irradiation preservation. In terms of packaging, plastic film bags filled with carbon dioxide and shallow tray packaging boxes are used to reduce collision damage. It can be seen that in order to ensure the quality, the "concern" for strawberries should be meticulous. Back to the topic of food rumors, most of the food rumors on the Internet need to be confirmed, and consumers should not be credulous. Similarly, in the face of rumors about their products in the market, manufacturers should take timely measures to show consumers the real information of products with the help of objective and intuitive means.