Leisure food has been standing on the "tuyere", which is inseparable from food technology and equipment

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At present, the leisure food industry has become the most obvious area of consumption upgrading. The annual output value of snack food industry increased from 77.3 billion yuan in 2005 to 456.2 billion yuan in 2014, with an average annual compound growth rate of 22%. It is expected that the output value will reach 1.04 trillion yuan by 2019.

Recently, more and more leisure food companies have been listed on the "IPO platform". The future development of these snack companies is also worth looking forward to. In the future, consumer bull stocks such as "Xishi candy" loved by Buffett may be born. So, how can these leisure snack enterprises grow into industry unicorns? Which companies will become consumer bull stocks of "Xishi candy" under the capital support?

As a small category of leisure food, leisure snacks are called "the fourth meal of food". Leisure snacks is actually a new concept of consumption, a new form of consumption and a new business model. The rise of the leisure snack industry has benefited from the technological progress of domestic cold chain transportation, new food manufacturing technology and other industries in recent years, and is also inseparable from the improvement of the consumption concept of young people. It can be said that young consumer groups have directly led to the rise of the leisure snack industry. The fourth meal of the new generation of food has heated the securitization of the leisure snack industry.

Therefore, if these listed or pre IPO companies want to become category unicorns and create new consumption formats, they must deeply understand the consumption culture of the younger generation and study the new demands of the youth subculture different from their parents. The consumption demands of the post-80s, post-90s and post-00s for leisure snacks have the following new characteristics:

First, attach importance to quality and brand. Young white-collar workers may be more inclined to buy bag brand leisure food. Although it is not necessarily a famous brand, the quality is more emphasized. In contrast, the parents of the post-60s and post-50s may be more casual and buy bulk snacks in street shops.

Second, pay more attention to health. In the past, traditional snacks often brought people unhealthy feelings. There was no way to talk about the hygienic conditions of street fry shops and small food vendors, and it was difficult to talk about the health of products sold. Nowadays, with the upgrading of consumption, consumers pay more attention to health. Brand manufacturers also launch products such as low sugar, low oil and low salt, healthy nuts, dried fruits and other products to promote a reasonable diet and supplement a variety of nutritional elements.

Third, pay attention to scene. More emphasis should be placed on the consumption of different snacks in different consumption scenarios, such as families, offices, meeting rooms, outings and so on.

Fourth, pay attention to network channels. At present, many snack foods start from the Internet, and some traditional foods have also embarked on the road of e-commerce. As a popular Internet snack brand, three squirrels started on Taobao. The successful IPO of the three squirrels will also be the first Taobao store in China to be officially listed. In 2016, liangpin store ranked first in the sales volume of leisure snack industry, which is also inseparable from the performance of e-commerce. At present, the omni-channel terminal sales revenue is 6 billion yuan, and the e-commerce business has exceeded 2 billion yuan.

In 2016, listed enterprises accounted for more than 60% of the 11 leading enterprises in the leisure and snack industry, but liangpin shop and three squirrels, two unlisted enterprises, ranked among the top two in the industry with market share of 20% and 15% respectively. Together with other retail brands such as laiyifen, Yanjin shop, baicaowei, miss you and Qiaqia, the sales volume of the top enterprises in 2016 reached about 20 billion yuan. In the 2017 ranking of the world's top 100 candy and snack companies, 6 brands in China ranked in the top 30. In addition to the traditional brands of China Wangwang and China Xizhilang, which ranked 9th and 20th respectively, liangpin shop, Laifen and three squirrels are all emerging leisure snack brands.

Among these enterprises, liangpin shop is highly in line with the characteristics of health, multi category, R & D and new business formats. At present, there are more than 2100 off-line stores with annual sales of 6billion, which are most likely to become the unicorn of the industry and the consumer Bull Stock of "Xi Shi candy". However, investors still need some patience to wait for its early IPO.