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And the new machinery is a professional production of mixer, baking equipment, pasta, flour-pressing machine enterprises, since its inception, with "science and technology as the first productive force" as the guiding ideology, starting from the requirements of customers to "high-tech, high quality and high benefit" as the development direction. Company has a huge sales network, in order to further improve after-sales service, the company established a complete industrial platform and after-sales service system covering the whole country, for customers to provide quality perfect services anytime and anywhere.

The company actively absorb advanced technology and the characteristics of domestic peers, play to their own characteristics, use of advanced equipment to replace the traditional processing machinery, and USES the advanced application technology such as computer aided design, ensure the quality level. Implementation of drilling, cutting, milling, grinding process of key parts such as mechanical processing, to ensure the accuracy of the machine.

Outstanding quality refused to mediocrity, meticulous, refining dry weight. New wheat with collaborators fruitful efforts to push the new pay more attention to quality of mechanical products.

The development of new wheat machinery products, strive for the indicators of product to achieve the same industry leading level, continuously meet the requirements of customers, at present, the mainly has: crisp skin machine, mixer, block machine, and four kinds of products such as slicing machine.

Company staff warmly welcomes the broad masses of tongren cooperation, and make unremitting efforts to promote industry development.

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