Scientific message list reveals the production process of instant noodles and interprets the mystery of preservatives

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In the eyes of ordinary people, instant noodles are classified as unhealthy foods, and various online rumors about instant noodles are common in recent years. One message is that convenience contains preservatives, which will become mummies if you eat too much. However, according to the clarification of the state authority, preservatives do not need to be added to instant noodles to achieve long-term preservation.

The reason why there is no preservative in instant noodles is that the oil content of the cake is high, the water content is low, and the water content is only about 10-15%, which is basically not conducive to the survival of spoilage microorganisms. The vegetable bag of instant noodles has no moisture after the freeze-drying process. The salt and oil contained in the sauce package hinder the survival and growth of microorganisms, so preservatives are also not needed. The total return said that instant noodles contain preservatives is a rumor and is incorrect. Next, the author verifies the above rumor analysis from the production technology of bread, sauce bag and vegetable bag.

The whole production line of instant noodles is composed of flour mixing machine, curing machine, salt water mixer, fryer, steamer, air cooler, conveyor and other equipment. The production process of flour cake is more complex than that of seasoning bag, including flour mixing, ripening, forming, cooking, cutting, frying, etc. the reason why the instant flour cake contains less water is that the fryer is used for drying. In addition, some manufacturers will also use a dryer after frying to quickly drain the oil on the surface of the dough cake to better ensure the crispy taste.

In order to provide high-quality instant noodles dryer for production enterprises, relevant mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises have created product equipment with higher efficiency and safety from the two aspects of performance and safety. For example, the special dryer for instant noodles manufactured by Zhenxing drying is such a high-quality equipment, which is generally installed behind the fryer and in front of the cooling fan in the instant noodle production line. The machine adopts the form of cross flow drying. When the hot air passes through the material layer, it can fully contact with the material, and the hot air can also be recycled to realize energy conservation and environmental protection. It can be seen from this that it is reasonable to follow that the flour cake contains less water, which can be verified from its frying and drying production processes.

Let's take a look at the vegetable bag that comes with instant noodles. There are many steps in the supermarket, such as freezing, drying and so on. The purpose of dehydration and drying is to remove the water in vegetables, so that vegetables can have a long shelf life and prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Some manufacturing enterprises also combine dehydration and drying into one and complete it on one equipment. For example, tengyang dried instant noodle vegetable bag dehydration continuous dryer has the characteristics of fast drying, high evaporation intensity and hard product quality. It can be used for the mess and dehydration of sheet, strip, granular and other polymorphic materials, and has an obvious advantage in the competition of the same type of products in the market. The growth of microorganisms is inseparable from water, so they do not have the conditions for survival in instant noodles and vegetable bags.

The sauce bag of instant noodles, let alone the oil and salt in the sauce bag, is undoubtedly the natural enemy of microbial growth. Therefore, to sum up, instant noodles do not need to add preservatives to achieve long-term quality assurance. Relevant experts also said that the preservatives contained in instant noodles are just messages, which is not true.

The main reason for the existence of such rumors in instant noodles is the general unhealthy impression of consumers. However, in recent years, instant noodle manufacturers have actively established the concept of health from the aspects of production formula and bread frying technology. For example, in order to meet the health needs of the market, the company adds real materials such as coarse grains and vegetables to the products. From the current development situation, what instant noodle enterprises need to do is how to grasp the market dynamics, produce new products preferred by consumers, and win favor by using differentiated innovation in a highly homogeneous market. Reference sources: Dongfang,,, Baidu Library,